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How to select the correct fan

How to work out the size and type of fan required: Image Download PDF file
In order to provide adequate ventilation for a given application, it is essential the
correct size, type and number of Hydor units are selected. Selection of the correct fan depends on two
principal factors: the performance and application.
Step 1
Step 1
Determine which mounting arrangements meet your requirements
Step 2
Step 2
Calculate the VOLUME of the room in cubic metres (m3) by multiplying the length x width x height.
Step 3
Select the type of room from the AIR CHANGE GUIDE and how many air changes (AC/H) are required.
Step 4
Use the following formula: Volume (m3) x AC/H = Airflow (m3/h)
Step 5
Use the catalogue to select a fan that does the airflow you require.
Air Change Guide
Air Change Guide Air Change Guide
These values must not take the place of any regulation requirements and can be modified for particular applications.
Dependant on volume one or more fans may need to be selected