A Flexible Approach ...

Hydor appreciate that customer satisfaction has to be earned through quality of service, quality of product and at a competitive price.

Hydor is flexible enough to constantly adapt to these changes within its market sectors. Our Manufacturing capabilities offer flexibility in design, coupled with a skilled labour force, which ensures products are built to precise client specifications, regardless of application.


Hydor has now been in the manufacture, design and assembly of fans, controls and associated equipment for more than 40 years. As an established manufacturer in our field, Hydor has continued to invest in tomorrow's plant and equipment, whilst constantly adopting modern day techniques in manufacturing.


All this has culminated in an approach to our customers that provides a swift, responsive and adaptable service - all geared to meeting our customer's market conditions. Hydors flexibility and experience in manufacture is underpinned by our ability to ensure orderly and pre-scheduled production runs, whilst being geared to design, develop and produce bespoke, special or modified standard products to customer designs.


Hydor works to develop partnerships with our suppliers who form an integral link in ensuring we meet and exceed our customer's requirements.


Modern stock control practices married together with material requirements ensure efficient, cost effective procurement.