CEH Series


Ceiling Vent Axial Fan


  • Whisper quiet aerodyanmic grille and high performance fan blades.
  • High perfomance air extraction.
  • Low profile easy clean sanp off grille.
  • Insect proof grille.
  • Horizontal or vertical D.I.Y. installation.
  • Fitted plug with 600mm of flex.
  • Self locking fixing clamps.
  • Long life motor.


  • Electricity supply - 220-240V, single-phase, 50/60Hz.
  • Motor protection Ip10
  • Fitted with ball bearings.

Use template provide to mark mounting hole and
cut with a jigsaw, keyhole saw or hacksaw. 


Model  B C
CEH200B 280 115 12 235
CEH250B 330 125 12 290

Remove grille, connect plug, insert fan into
opening and use clamps to secure.

Technical Data

Model  Hz W m3/h mm
CEH200B 280 115 12 235  
CEH250B 330 125 12 290  

Compared with sleeve bearing, ball bearing has the following advantages:  Long life, low maintenance, low temperature compatibility.

Replace grille.